How to use

How to use
the web app.

※The app is subject to updates.
Screen capture shown below may not reflect the version you use.

  • Open sign in URL in browser,
    enabling you to start using the app.

  • You can book a ride by choosing your destination.
    e.g. booking from "Select destination and book" menu.

  • Listing of shops, restaurants, and other destination will appear.
    Pick one from the listing and click "Go Visit"

  • The nearest bus stop to the given destination will be automatically set as your alighting point.
    Confirm, and set your preferred boarding point.

  • Input the number of passengers, set your preferred boarding time, as you see fit.
    Then, click "Book a AI Bus®" at the buttom.

  • All Set!

    Please wait at the boarding point of your choice The appointed vehicle arrives shortly.


Is the scheduled AI bus™ boarding time and alighting time correct?
The scheduled boarding time and scheduled alighting time may be somewhat affected by the traffic conditions. The AI bus™ does not depart until the scheduled boarding time. Therefore, you don’t have to rush to your boarding point. Also, please note that the scheduled boarding and arrival time of the AI bus™ may be delayed as it is a shared public transportation service.
What should I do if I am unable to arrive at my boarding point by the scheduled boarding time?
Please cancel your booking immediately and make a rebooking for the next suitable time. Please note that the AI bus™ will depart as scheduled without waiting for customers who are unable to arrive by the scheduled boarding time, as there will already be passengers on the bus, and at the next boarding point.
What should I do if I cannot receive SMS?
If you cannot receive text messages on your device, the following may be the reason(s):
  • ・SMS blocking features are enabled
  • ・Poor internet connection
  • ・Airplane mode is on
  • ・Using Wireless LAN (like Wi-Fi) to receive data
  • ・Your device or contract does not allow receiving texts
  • ・No storage space on your device
  • ・Other
Using the service and changing the settings vary depending on the type of device.
Check the instruction manual of your device or contact your mobile phone operator for more information.
SMS blocking features are enabled
If SMS blocking features are on, you cannot receive SMS texts on your device.
If you block texts from AI Bus™, please unblock the number on your device.
Poor internet connection
Poor internet connection may prevent you from receiving text messages on your device.
Please try again in another place.
Airplane mode is on
If airplane mode is on, you cannot receive texts on your device.
Turn off airplane mode and try again.
Using Wireless LAN (like WiFi) to receive data
SMS texts are sent using the telephone line of mobile phone operators.
Depending on the settings of your device, it may not receive SMS texts when using Wireless LAN (like Wi-Fi).
Turn off Wi-Fi on your device or change the settings to use both the telephone line and Wireless LAN and try again.
Your device or contract does not allow receiving texts
SMS service may be unavailable on some mobile devices or an additional contract is required for some mobile phone plans.
Please contact your mobile phone operator on your contract.
If your device does not work properly, restarting your device, or removing and reinserting the SIM card may solve the problem.